Amplifi Instant Kit

  • $359.00
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Whole-Home Wi-Fi in Under 2 Minutes!

The Instant kit includes a router + an additional meshpoint that seamlessly boosts WiFi in your home.

Up and Running, Fast
An intuitive app allows instant setup, powerful reporting metrics, and easy guest access within 2 minutes.
Connect Instant Router to Power and Internet
Just connect to power and Ethernet cables to get instant Wi-Fi.
Say hello to a fresh design aesthetic
And goodbye to trying to discreetly hide your router. You need your router where you use your devices the most; like your office, family room or bedroom. The AmpliFi Instant is designed to complement your home’s interior both functionally and aesthetically. Now you can place your router on your desk, side table or nightstand without messing up your home’s decor.
Features you want from a system you can understand
The AmpliFi Instant has the features you want, like device status and guest access, with a simple interface that doesn’t require advanced technical degrees. Its glowing LED light indicates the system status while the AmpliFi App puts you in control of your WiFi.
AmpliFi Instant Mesh System
Mix and match your mesh technology to strengthen Wi-Fi signals in the areas of your home where you need it the most. In addition to the AmpliFi Instant kit, which features an Instant MeshPoint, you can add AmpliFi HD MeshPoints or AmpliFi HD Routers to ensure complete coverage.
Product Name:  AmpliFi Instant (AFi-INS)
Dimensions:  3.92 x 3.85 x 1.30" (99.5 x 97.8 x 33.05 mm)
Weight:  7.58 oz (215 g)
Max. Power Consumption:  9W
Antennas:  (1) Dual-Band Antenna, Single-Polarity
Display: 30.73 mm (1.21") diagonal, 160 x 64, 142 ppi, Capacitive Touch
Wi-Fi Standards:  802.11ac
MIMO: 2x2
2.4 GHz Speed:  300 Mbps
5 GHz Speed: 867 Mbps
The additional meshpoint has the same specifications, minus the Capacitive Touch screen.
Also available as router-only.